Last updated: March 3, 2012

Linear Constructions Security Page

Security Statement for Linear Construction Company Inc.

Internet Security, Anti-Spam, Anti-Adware/Popup Blockers, Anti-Spyware and Firewalls may interfere with the loading, execution and display of web pages.
This web site uses complex HTML, JavaScript and the occasional popup window to render functionality for your web browser. Some internet security-related products may interfere with that functionality, causing what appears to be a problem with our web site.

If you experience broken functionality on our web site, there are several steps you should take prior to contacting us . These steps are for Internet Explorer 6.x; if you use another browser, please see its documentation for similar settings.

Make sure you meet our basic browser requirements
Internet Explorer 5.x or higher for Windows
Javascript Enabled
Cookies Enabled
Check Internet Explorer’s TOOLS > OPTIONS > SECURITY menu and click Default to set the default security level. If you use another browser, see its documentation.
Also check Internet Explorer’s TOOLS > OPTIONS > PRIVACY menu and click Default to set the default privacy level in IE.

If you see a PopUp Blocker section on that tab, click Settings and choose the MEDIUM filter level. Also make sure that “Play a sound when a pop-up is blocked” and “Show information bar when a pop-up is blocked” are checked.

If you have multiple popup blockers installed, such as in the Yahoo, Google or MSN toolbars, please make sure they are disabled or configured properly. We use popups on our site for legitimate purposes (such as opening a brochure on a property).

Try turning down the security of anti-adware, anti-spam, popup blockers and internet security/firewall software. Please note that these products can be complicated to configure. See your documentation and contact the canadian pharmacy product support line if you have problems.

If you have tried the above troubleshooting steps and you still seem to be experiencing difficulties with our web pages, please contact us .